For best results, exfoliate using our whipped sugar scrub and shave your body 24-48 Hrs prior to tanning and apply to clean, dry skin. Moisturize dry areas such as your hands, wrists, elbows, knees, feet and ankles prior to application. Dispense a generous amount of You Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse onto your You Bronze applicator mitt and massage in long, circular motions. We recommend starting at the bottom of your legs and working your way up and saving the areas you moisturized for last by using whats leftover on the mitt. After you have evenly smoothed and blended your body, dab a small amount of the tanning mousse on a dense makeup brush and buff it into your face, hands and feet. This will ensure a beautiful streak-free natural looking color. Allow to fully dry before dressing and wear dark clothing until you rinse off 6-8 hrs later. Avoid perspiration or water for 8 hrs while the tan develops. Then, shower in warm water allowing the color guard to rinse off and moisturize after every shower.

* Mitt Sold Separately *

-flawless deep bronze that lasts for 7 days 

-anti-aging benefits 

-makes your skin feel softer & more smooth


-no orange color 

-delicious scent 

-hydrating & lightweight 

-cruelty free

 -Paraben Free

-gluten free

YOU Bronze Self Tanning Mousse

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