LAVENDER LOVE has been created to safely and effectively clean and remove bacteria from all surfaces that your baby comes into contact with- toys, cots, highchairs, and nurseries, whilst leaving them surrounded by the gentle and soothing aroma of organic lavender essential oil. Keep this on-the-go bottle in your diaper bag and always have it on hand. This bottle has a gentle mister spray and can be used as an air freshener, fabric refresher.


Each "Starter Pack" includes one EMPTY refillable glass sprayer forever bottle (16.9oz) and one Refill Concentrate Bottle (2oz) with our Lavender Love fragrance. Just add water, pour the concentrate, and clean to your heart's content!


Each "Refill Only" includes one refill concentrate bottle ( 2oz ) that makes 16.9oz

Lavender Multi Cleanser

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